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What Kind of Names are They?

Main Line towns possess unusual names, such as Bala Cynwyd and Gladwyne for example. The English Quaker, pictured below, was given a charter by Charles II of England in 1681 to develop what is now called Pennsylvania. This forward thinking man of peace and religious tolerance sold the area which today is referred to as “The Main Line” to a group Welsh Quakers (Edward Jones and Company) in 1682. These Welsh settlers settled among the peace-loving Lenape Indians.
The Jones clan migrated from the regions of Bala, Cynwyd, Merionethshire, and North Wales and formed communities bearing similar names on the 5,000 acres they had purchased from the Englishman. How many can name this famous person of American history?
You can read my mystery about the Main line at or at Amazon/author/Paul Holl. Happy reading and guessing. Paul.


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