Legal Topic #5: Does Your Will Need a Trust?

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Legal Topic #5: Does Your Will Need a Trust?

“Do I need a trust?” It is one of the most common questions posed to me by my clients. The answer depends upon your financial and familial situation. Therefore, it requires me to ask you some personal questions concerning income, investments, and family relationships.
Trust documents to avoid paying more taxes than necessary are popular. A trust to provide for a disabled person or minor child may be crucial for future care and survival. A trust that enables a spouse to live comfortably, tax free, and then passes a sizable estate to children is a money saver. A life insurance trust is fully deductible and can provide much needed income to a surviving partner. These are just a few examples of trusts that need to be tailored for each estate.
If you are a Pennsylvania resident and have questions about trusts I’d be happy to consult with you by email, free of charge for members of this group.
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