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1. What made you interested in writing about the exploitation of others?

Many of the cases I worked on in the federal prosecutor’s office and in my private practice involved people being taken advantage of by others, either physically, financially or emotionally. I believed that telling such stories in the form of suspense novels would spread the word in a more interesting way.

2. Why did you choose to focus, “Living Will”, on the elderly and an immigrant? 

Years ago, I read about an attorney who was imprisoned for embezzling money from senile clients through misuse of powers of attorney. Thereafter, I did some research and learned that the problem of professionals stealing from their clients is national in scope and quite prevalent. I had also represented a Dominican woman who entered the United States upon a sham marriage certificate and learned about the many types of exploitation she had endured.

3. Why did you choose Fort Jefferson for the placement of important scenes?

I have visited the Dry Tortuga islands as a tourist. During one visit, I saw a refugee boat on display and asked about its history. It had come from Cuba.

4. Would you recommend the Tortugas as a sight seeing destination?

Absolutely! They are beautiful and perfect for beach combing snorkeling and scuba diving – hundreds of tropical fish. They, and Fort Jefferson Park and Museum, are located off the coast of Key West and accessible only by boat and sea plane. Great fun and exciting!

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