The Mighty Chesapeake Bay

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The Mighty Chesapeake Bay

Sailors and boaters know the reputation of the unforgiving Chesapeake Bay. Dr. Martin Manning knew also and experienced its merciless rage first hand. “Manny knew that the mighty bay was the largest estuary in North America, lying inland from the Atlantic Ocean with its northern section in Maryland and its southern portion in Virginia. He was also aware that more than one hundred and fifty major rivers and streams flowed into the bay’s drainage system, causing a flushing-like action during heavy rains. This will be your first big test my lovely, old lady.” – “Will Power”, p.104 ( Many seafarers have lost their lives on the Chesapeake. Did our retired heart surgeon survive his ordeal? It’s a good summer mystery for those of you who haven’t yet read, Will Power – Thanks, Paul.

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