From Paris to Cuba – The Hemingway way

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From Paris to Cuba – The Hemingway way

The immortal Ernest Hemingway wrote from experience – war, love, lost love, deep sea fishing and big game hunting. War in Africa, love in Paris and fishing in Cuba and Key West.
I wonder what that great writer would have thought of Lucy’s courageous escape from communist Cuba on a skiff with twelve men. I wonder if he ever fished off the Dry Tortuga islands in awe of the thousands of colorful, tropical fish and the sunken, ancient vessels. I wonder what he would have thought of my plot and prose in Living Will.
Hemingway stated that no one ever becomes a master at writing a story, but if you’d like to read or re-read masterful writing, get a copy of The Old Man and the Sea – Hemingway’s shortest novel. Then read one of mine and tell me how I’m doing. Don’t forget to leave a review on                                                              Thanks and happy reading, Paul.HEMMINGWAY CoySOfbWgAAIjO8

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