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Please vote! In the primary election? Of course, but now I’d like you to comment on this, my new website design by Smart Author Sites. As the famed Yogi Berra once said (during an acceptance of an award at Yankee Stadium), “Thank you for making this day necessary”. Give me your opinions and suggestions. Thanks. Paul.


What to expect from my new website. Each week, I will share free legal tips on an important topic. Here are 6 examples:
1. How to control your life and medical decisions should you become incompetent.
2. How to prevent your aging parents from getting ripped off by designing people.
3. How to avoid living like a vegetable during old age.
4. One IRA to avoid at all cost.
5. How to keep your heirs from squandering your life savings after you die.
6. How to protect your checking account from being drained if you get sick.

All of these topics arise in the series of stories entitled, “The Will to Live Thrillers”. 
You’ll also read about “secret” travel destinations, some advice, words of “wisdom” by Yogi Berra and anything else you’d like to talk about. 

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