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“A very timely book. Whenever someone goes to a doctors office they’re asked if they have made a living will. This is done in my own office.I am reminded of the power over one’s life that this document places in someone else’s hands. It is a very thought-provoking and interesting book. Additionally, it is an easy read, moves swiftly from one chapter to the next seemingly without effort. A must read!”
–Daniel J. Boyle, M.D.

“As an attorney, I was intrigued by the title of this book, but it was the flowing, descriptive writing that kept me reading. I cannot remember the last time I read a novel cover-to-cover in one sitting. Paul Holl quickly developed a fast-paced suspense mystery with an accurate legal foundation, upon which the story line became totally believable. The transformation Will undergoes between the first and last pages is not only ironic, but fitting. Should become an ethical “must-read” for all law students ( and practicing lawyers)!”
–David P. Grau

“What a great read. Paul tells us a story that we have heard time and time again about old people being duped out of their life saving, but he does it in such a way that he keeps us on the end of our chair. Can not wait to read the (I hope there will be ) follow up book. Paul is a very good story teller.”
–Harry Brooks (Fellow author)

“Read it from start to finish in one sitting. Couldn’t wait to turn the page. For me what resonated was to make sure whomever you give the powers to in the execution of your estate, make sure it is someone in whom you have complete faith and trust. Of course, the characters in the book that Will scammed originally did just that, so all the more reason to select carefully, and review periodically.
While the focus of the novel is on a “Living Will”, the rest of the book’s plots are also well written and make for a fun read. Thanks Paul.”
–Charles Rinck

“Love a book I can read in one day. It was a good story and makes you think about your living will. Couldn’t wait for each new page to see just how low Will could go. Can’t wait for the next book. Hopefully Will cleans up his act. Paul is a great story teller.”
–Jaimee Ripperton

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