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Will Power - Will to Live Series - Super Sleuth Elderly Abuse Fort Jefferson

Three years after the attack on “super sleuth” Will’s life, he continues to heal from injuries to his brain suffered as a result of a gunshot wound to his head. Will’s partial memory loss inhibits his ability to pass the Pennsylvania Bar Exam. Instead, he becomes a licensed private investigator for his father’s prestigious law firm working and living in the attic of its suburban Philadelphia office located on the wealthy Main Line.

The reports of Will having been attacked by a crazed and jealous gunman, who kidnapped the young, undocumented immigrant teen in Will’s company, served as fodder for the gossip press. That story, coupled with Will’s handsome appearance and bachelorhood status, soon made him a publically recognizable celebrity, which boosted his investigation business.

Will thinks his first big break comes when he is hired to search for a well known, missing Main Line heart surgeon. As he begins investigating the physician’s mysterious disappearance, with the help of the doctor’s beautiful daughter, Will is thrust in the middle of a nasty case of infidelity in which the husband of a prominent, former debutant is having an affair with an eighteen-year-old employee named Lily.

Will’s sleuthing plunges him deep into trouble and danger through which he manages to maintain his humor in the face of leads that take him from famous “boathouse row” in Philadelphia to the notorious casinos of Atlantic City. Once again, Will is confronted with events that challenge the will to live.

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The Will to Live Series

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